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Thu, May 26, 2011 (midnight)


Just off the Strip, the Artisan is a popular afterhours stop.

For some people the party never ends. If one venue in this town knows that, it’s the Artisan.


The Artisan Hotel for our GG shoot.


The Artisan Hotel for our GG shoot.


Artisan Hotel Boutique in Las Vegas, Nevada | Learn More About Artisan Hotel Boutique in Las Vegas, Nevada | Hotels Flights and Travel

Artisan Hotel Boutique in Las Vegas, Nevada

Aristan Hotel Exterior Las Vegas, Nevada

Aristan Hotel Exterior, Las Vegas

Looking for a trendy boutique hotel off the Vegas Strip that’s full of young partiers? Look no further. The Artisan Hotel Boutique is essentially a stylish, art-filled club that you can sleep in.

It caters specifically to a hipper, younger crowd, unlike the luxury gaming hotels you’ll find on the rest of the Strip. In fact, the Artisan Hotel Boutique is a decidedly non-gaming hotel, more oriented towards daytime leisure and nighttime indulgence than the casino culture.

Don’t let the plain, understated exterior fool you. The decor is the other standout at the Artisan, infusing ultra-modern sensibilities with early 20th century Parisian ornamentation and artwork. The Artisan is a refreshing, boutique-style change from the garish offerings elsewhere. You won’t find anything like it on the Strip.

Rooms at Artisan Hotel Boutique in Las Vegas, Nevada

Each room is unique, featuring artwork from a famous artist such as Cezanne and Rembrandt. Don’t expect the spaciousness of a large hotel; rooms tend to be quite small, but that’s more than made up for by the boutique design, furnishings and decorations. With very low rates, you’ll be amazed at the value you get staying at the Artisan.

Amenities at Artisan Hotel Boutique in Las Vegas, Nevada

Artisan Hotel Lounge, Las Vegas, Nevada

Artisan Hotel Lounge, Las Vegas

The pool is small, but nicely decorated and replete with cabanas and beds for lounging and sunbathing. DJs regularly play around the pool at night and it’s also available for private parties.

The in-house lounge converts into a club on weekend nights, with DJs spinning dance music from 10pm until the wee hours of the morning. Hedonism is encouraged.

Mood, Artisan’s restaurant, offers excellent American cuisine with an international twist.

  • Fabulous Parisian-themed decor
  • Distinctive boutique feel
  • Great value
  • Party central for the young and the hip
1501 West Sahara Avenue
Las Vegas, Nevada
(702) 214-4000


Natural High - Thom Svast touts the smoke-free party lifestyle | Vegas Seven

Photo by Eric Ita

Looking at Thom Svast—the yogi, rock climber and barefoot enthusiast—one wouldn’t guess that the Chicago native is a DJ with a past that included drug abuse who once led a deteriorating “rockstar lifestyle.” After learning the hard way he needed a change, he’s made a 180-degree turn. He put his DJ career on hold, and took on a position as brand manager of tobacco-free nightlife companies Sen5es and Coll3ctive. Everyday, Svast combines his experience in music, nightlife, and personal victories to produce Vegas’ hippest and healthiest parties.

You were a smoker almost all your life. How did you quit?

Cold turkey. I was tired of waking up smelling like a cat just shit in my mouth. I couldn’t breathe and I’m an active person. Its not sexy, it’s not cool.

The Sen5es campaign promotes “feeling your social life.” How do you prove that being smoke-free is sexy?

It’s showing both the DJ and people that go out that you can go to a great party and not smoke. People look up to certain people; Las Vegas is all about the industry, it makes this city go. Were trying to convey a message to the club owners and management that they can be smoke free and successful.

Our concerns are the employees, DJs, bartenders, the cocktail waitresses. Nightlife is their career. If they’re nonsmokers, being in a smoke-filled nightclub for one hour is like smoking 2-10 cigarettes. It’s not fair for non-smokers who get emphysema, cancer, all the side effects.

Shout out to our boy Thom!!!


Naked Pool Day Club at Artisan Hotel Boutique

Pool Party Season is Here! Naked Pool Day Club at the Artisan is the place to see and be seen!!

For more information or to reserve your VIP cabanas, day beds and bottle service call the Artisan VIP Line Chris Foski 702-743-2661

Mondays: Beer Goggle Mondays presented by Miller
★ $30 6-pack buckets of Miller 

Tuesdays: Topless Tuesdays
★ $3 champagne for all topless ladies

Wednesdays: Wasted Wednesdays
★ $40 pitchers of Smirnoff 

Thursdays: Sweet Thursdays
★ $100 bottles of Seagram’s Sweet Tea Vodka

Fridays: DJ Rico

Saturdays: Finger Paint Saturday with Jerry Fill 
★ Washable fingerpaints are available for ladies to paint themselves! 

Sundays: Soultry Sundays with DJ Soloist

se Rumor Pool Party Schedule




Girls get to finger paint themselves… what else would you need. (21 & over only)


Time to go dance in circles at the Artisan, hoodie hoooo!


Time to go dance in circles at the Artisan, hoodie hoooo!

(Source: farewellsumm3r)


SEN5ES presentes MASQ with Le CastleVania

≈≈ MASQ presented by SEN5ES ≈≈ A Smokefree Event ≈≈

★ Le CastleVania ★ ♪ Scotty Boy ♫ M!ke Attack ♪ IDeal ♬ Spacebyrds



Upside down label (Taken with Instagram at Artisan Hotel Lounge)


Upside down label (Taken with Instagram at Artisan Hotel Lounge)

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